New Fall Nail Colors You’ll Love

3 min read

Our 3rd birthday celebration wouldn't be complete without a brand new dip powder nail palette! That's why we're gifting you with not just one but two new sets of colored dip powder this month.

In this first installment of our latest dip powder drop, we're featuring frequently requested shades as jaw-dropping as a picturesque fall scenery.

Get ready to swoon over the newest addition in our classic collection. These fall nail colors will remind you of everything you love about the fall season—and even the seasons thereafter.

Shades of blue inspired by October skies

Like a beautiful blue backdrop that puts the spotlight on fall foliage, these dip nail colors are guaranteed to elevate your autumn look.

Fashion Suggestion: Match our blue dip powder with these on-trend, fall-friendly denim pieces.


If you're missing the summer pastels already, this muted Robin's egg shade is the color chameleon you need. It's perfect for every season including that fall look you're going for—the one that stands out in a sea of deep autumn colors.


So you want the autumn sky on your nails...but with more drama? Then this inky dip powder shade is for you. It’s a royal blue color that deserves a throne in the fall nails lineup just for being extra blue (and extra bold).

Ever beautiful green color reminiscent of evergreen trees

Did you know that the color of nature and money was once known to be a...poisonous pigment? Yep. But nothing is toxic about this stylish fall nail color that gives off a fresh vibe like balsam fir.

Fashion Suggestion: Match our green dip manicure shade with these must-have fall accessories.


Aaah, the refreshing smell of pine trees. It's as refreshing as this pine green dip powder color you can count on to reinvigorate your fall style—and glam you up for the upcoming holidays.

Yellow, orange, & pink palette that mimics the color of fall leaves

It's an explosion of fall nail colors! From sugar maple to persimmon and dogwood...you name it, we have a dip powder shade to match it.

Fashion Suggestion: Coordinate our colorful dip nails palette with these fall face masks that are oh-so-stylish.


Is the fall weather bringing you down? This color is your dip remedy. There's absolutely nothing gloomy about this dirty dijon shade—a mellow yellow that's sure to brighten your look (and your mood) on not-so-sunny fall days.


This fall nail color is lit! Burnt orange is a statement-making rich and rusty shade that's a perfect complement to the spectacular show of fall foliage. In the words of Paris Hilton, "That's hot!"


When the fall foliage passes its peak and it all comes to an end, this pale pink color is the go-to season-after-season shade, which matches the fall colors transitioning into winter white and more.

And there you have it. Our latest classic collection featuring fall nail colors for your next dip mani—by special request of the DipWell community.

The best part? All these shades actually work year-round.

Now that you're armed with these new dip nail colors, we bet you can't wait to mix 'n match 'em because why settle for just one dip color, right? ;)

Speaking of which, here's our new fall nail designs tutorial showcasing 2 of our fall dip colors: Dirty Dijon and Royal Blue.

How to create plaid dip nails

Got a clue what inspired this dip nail art? If you answered "Cher's iconic plaid outfit"—ding, ding, ding, you are correct.

So go forth and add this dip nails design to your list of fall activities. Now that's one stylish fall tradition!

Next week... watch out for another round of dip powder drop that will level up your look. Yup, we're doubling down on our birthday celebration.

In the meantime, try on these most-asked-for autumn dip nail colors. And if you have other fall nail ideas, don't forget to tag us on Instagram @dipwellnails and use our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell. Or share your pictures at DipWell's Dipper Club.