Nails You’ll Notice From 6 Feet Away

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It's been a looong season of social distancing, and us naturally social human beings have been real "creative" while staying 6 feet apart, haven’t we?

Just look at how we pass the time... TikTok dance challenge, anyone?

Or how we connect with people... Raise your hand if you've attended at least one Zoom party!

Here at DipWell headquarters, we spend some of our time doing what we do best during this era of doing things from a distance.

We're talking about experimenting with different dip powder nail designs, of course.

And we're excited to share with you our favorite dip manicure creations that are bound to wow—either in Zoom or in (socially distant) person.

The Outdoors Mani

For your next solo adventure, recreate this ombre design for summer-sunset-themed dip nails.

By outdoors, we mean walking around your neighborhood, doing a grocery run, or perhaps reuniting with your gym instructor for some outdoor workout.

And when you ditch your makeup to avoid staining your mask while outside, what better way to make an oh-so-beautiful statement than showing off your perfectly dip manicured nails instead. You can even match them with your mask.

How to nail The Outdoors Mani look:

  • Use the dip powder colors as seen on the tutorial: GL23, CL15, NE17
  • Or you can experiment with other shades featured in our The Bold & Beautiful Collection, such as:

CL67 - Shine Bright Like a Sunflower

Shiny sunflower dip nails never looked bolder than with this deep yellow shade that's just a hint away from orange.

NE16 - Get Out Your Sunglasses—Even at Home, for This Highlighter Neon

It's our brightest highlighter neon yellow shade. This extra bright dip color is the perfect match to an extra bold personality.

NE21 - The Raddest Red

It's a deep scarlet shade that leans a tad warm. Wear this red dip color and radiate boldness—even from 6 feet away.

The Work-From-Home Mani

For your next Zoom work meeting, go for a timeless yet non-traditional style with this vertical ombre dip mani.

It’s perfect for the work-from-home woman—the one who wants to exude professionalism on video...even while *secretly* sporting a good ol’ pair of cozy leggings and fuzzy slippers.

(You can always switch back to unleashing your fun side during outdoor activities and virtual parties. 😉)

In the meantime, dip to impress by opting for a dip nail color that'll never go out of style.

Pair it well with an equally classic and chic WFH outfit.

Et voila! Professionalism personified.

Below are our top picks for dip nails that scream, "I deserve a promotion!"

How to nail The Work-From-Home Mani look:

  • Use the dip powder colors as seen on the tutorial: NA07 and NA25
  • Or you can experiment with other shades featured in our The Classic & Chic Collection, such as:

CL43 - Classic Burgundy for a Taste of Normalcy

Dress up your work-from-home outfit with this elegant shade that takes your Zoom meeting to another fashionable level.

GL44 - The Subtle Nails That'll Catch the Sun From 6-ft Away

With this sparkly and glittery shade, you'll always be the bright spot in any work meeting. But especially in the boring ones.

NE22 - The Confident Cobalt

A bold pop of true ultramarine blue that hints at nautical fashion you can wear on dry land. And with the summer season almost over, there’s no better time to dive right into seafaring style.

The Happy Hour Mani

For your next virtual soiree, try this terrazzo nail art that's sure to be a hit among your Houseparty mates.

If you and your friends didn't brave the beaches this summer, fret not!

You may simply take your beachside happy hour plans into a virtual room and create a beachy atmosphere using Zoom backgrounds with vacay vibes.

Top it all off by showing up with soothing dip nail colors that bring back memories of blue skies, teal ocean, and pink cocktails.

Three words to describe this dip powder design: calm and happy.

How to nail The Happy Hour Mani look:

  • Use the dip powder colors as seen on the tutorial: PA16, NA21, CL12, PA11, NA07
  • Or you can experiment with other shades featured in our The As-If-You're-at-the-Beach Collection, such as:

CL46 - Bright Sky Blue

Brighten up any virtual event with this turquoise sky dip color with a sprinkling of sparkle. It's enchanting shade transports you back to the beach fun times pre-social distancing.

PA18 - An Island-Vacation-on-Your-Nails Aqua

A light teal shade that makes anyone wish they were in Hawaii. This energetic color brings a splash of beach vibes to a Zoom party. Tropic like it’s hot!

GL14 - Stay Calm With This Meditation in Mint

A minty green dip color that's super relaxing to look at. Be a calming presence on your next virtual soirée with this sea-green shade.

The Family Mani

For your next catch-up session with the fam bam, follow the KISS rule: keep it simple, sweetheart.

If your Zoom session is all about reconnecting with the family—because Nana figured out how to do web conferencing—you can go for the classic + chic look of The Work-From-Home Mani, but do it classic French manicure style. Unless you have a cool nana who's rocking neon nails, then refer back to the bold + beautiful look of The Outdoors Mani.

How to nail The Family Mani look:

  • Use the dip powder colors as seen on the tutorial: French White, Sheer Pink

The Date Night Mani

For your next meet-up with your boo or your potential boo, be a delight with this Valentine's Day-inspired nail art.

First, you encapsulate glitter hearts on your nails using just dip powder. Next, encapsulate the heart of your boo just by being the playful you. Tee-hee!

You may be dating at a weird time, but it doesn’t mean romance has to die.

You also need not resort to perpetual Netflix-ing & Chill-ing.

Here are more creative ways you can spend time with your significant other instead.

How to nail The Date Night Mani look:

  • Use the dip powder color as seen on the tutorial: PA14
  • Or you can experiment with other shades featured in both our The Bold & Beautiful Collection and The As-If-You're-at-the-Beach Collection, such as:

NE2 - Bright Barbie Pink with Sparkles

It's always 5 o'clock somewhere with this raspberry shade. Match it with a pink cocktail and show up like the sparkling happy hour star that you are.

NE7 - Grape Nails to Be Grateful For

This imperial purple is a deep, warm violet that's reminiscent of sangria. It's a bold dip powder color that packs quite a punch.

GL12 - Go All Out With Gold Glitter

As gold as it gets, baby. Gild your nails in medium-grain metallic true gold glitter. Because why go basic when you can go bold.

"That's way too many social distancing-friendly dip nail colors to choose from!"

We get it. We'd love to rock new dip nail colors every single day if we could.

Oh, wait...actually we can.

We've mastered the art of removing dip manicures—superfast.

The good news? You can steal our secret.

Now you'll always be 20 minutes away (or less) from a brand spankin' new dip design with The Hot Rice Method.

So whenever you’re ready to try a new dip mani that’s noticeable from 6 feet away, you can get started by prepping your own dip kit.

With our Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB) Kit, you can mix and match up to 6 dip powder colors to help you recreate any of our eye-catching, social distancing looks.

Here’s a shopping tip: it’s more economical to purchase the all-inclusive dip kit than to buy the individual dip powders. Did we mention that each bundle also comes with all the dip liquids and other tools you need to perfect your dip mani? Yup, a whole lotta savings for you!

Let us know when your social distancing-themed dip nails are ready for a close-up. Take a picture, tag us on Instagram @dipwellnails, and use our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell.