Glow In The Dark Nails For Your Halloween Glow Up

2 min read

You know it's coming after the first whiff of pumpkin spice in the air...it's Halloween week!

A chance for you to let your secret self glow through.

And what better way to upgrade your costume—and stand out in a socially distant crowd—than with an attention-grabbing glow in the dark nails.

In this final installment of our new dip powder drop as part of our 3rd birthday celebration, we're gonna make your nails glow bright like a diamond.

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Now, let's take a look at how our latest glow in the dark powder for nails would look like—with and without illumination.

GW-01 - Neon Yellow / Neon Green

It's a dip nail color that turns from Neon Green into Neon Yellow under bright lights. Thinking of going for the Harajuku look this Halloween? Pair your costume with these traffic-stopping neon nails reminiscent of Tokyo's neon lights.

GW-02 - Orange / Pink

With this dip powder, your glow in the dark nails will go from Gorgeous Orange to Pretty In Pink at the flick of a switch. For Halloween, you can do a color-changing candy corn or pumpkin nail art. Because why only have one shade when you can have two.

GW-03 - Vivid Magenta / Violet

From daytime to nighttime, watch your dip nails transform from Pink Bubblegum to Purple Candy. This glow in the dark powder for nails looks too sweet, you'd want to eat it. Sorry, you can't. But you can definitely mix-and-match it with these pink Halloween costumes. Fun!

GW-04 - Light Blue / Electric Blue

It's a bluer than blue Halloween, but you'll never feel sad seeing your blue nails go from timid to bold at different times of the day. And if you're just keeping it simple this year, here are some last-minute costumes you can wear with this dip nail color (and your jeans). 

GW-05 - White / Light Green

If this glow in the dark powder for nails has a superpower, it would be shape-shifting. Prepare to be amazed when your mani changes from white nails to green nails. Like magic! It's perfect for you if you have planned out two Halloween costumes: a subdued daytime look and a fun nighttime style.

GW-06 - Silver / Sky Blue

Get your glam on with this shining, shimmering, splendid of a dip nail color that goes from Glittery Silver to Glittery Turquoise. When you pair your glitter nails with a sparkly Halloween costume, all eyes will be on you because you'll absolutely be the shiniest girl in the block.


“Charge” your dip powders in the daylight for maximum glow in the dark effect (it’s kinda like those solar yard lanterns). Keeping your supplies in a gloomy cabinet may not give you that immediate glow you’re looking for, so be sure they get some rays before you turn down the lights for your grand reveal.

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