Momicures And Other Fun Activities For Mothers And Daughters Of All Ages

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Whether you're quarantining in the same house or you are far apart and only spend quality time via Zoom, there are tons of fun activities you can do with your mom, your daughter, or other loved ones that guarantee good times and great memories.

Here are our top picks for things to do "together" in person or over the internet—and you don't have to wait until Mother's Day to do them!

1. DIY At-Home Momicures

Turn your home into a spa for your mother-daughter date. Put on some comfy outfit, play some Enya, and prep the perfect at-home manicure station.

Then have fun with colors!

A couple notes before you dip in:

- Keeping your manicure healthy and sanitary is important, so we recommend giving everyone their own powder jars instead of sharing. 

- If you're DIYing manis from afar, plan ahead and send a BYOB kit with your loved ones' favorite colors inside. They'll love unboxing their new at-home mani supplies, and they'll love it even more when they get quality time and conversation dipping together with you. 

For moms with kids eager to join in on the fun

Let your mini me choose her own adventure by picking her own dip powder from over 200 shades.

French mani and mini mani by Amanda Mitchell, featuring French white, natural pink, NE20, and NA29 (with added glitters)

Gorgeous momicures by Chrystal Copenhaver. It’s mommy’s first dip, featuring CL24!

For the daughter who wants to treat her mom to a dip mani

Try on a multi-color classic mani or a naturale mani.

Jess Karen’s mom is not a regular mom. She’s a cool mom with nails dipped in CL66, CL57, CL08, CL04, and GL27.

“The GL-27 went on both pinky fingers and over all the other colors.”

Renee L Mana Nee gave her mom’s nails an epic apex makeover using NA11

“Tried the apex method for the first time, I’m glad it came out good. Will need to do my own with the method next time.”

For the granddaughter with the glam grandma

You can never go wrong with dip nails with a hint of glitter.

The holiday set with nail tips done by Brooke Reianne Vinson on her grandma

Pretty nails in shades of pink

“I dipped my nails for the first time and it’s a life changer! I also dipped my mom’s and 94 year old grandma’s nails. We are hooked!”

For a mani session that’s a family affair

Teamwork makes the dream nail work. Take advantage of the extra pair of hands and try on our different nail designs.

“Did a new Halloween mani today. My daughter in law painted the pumpkins and cobwebs. Not perfect, but fun. GL41 and CL64 with a fine metallic dark blue and black glitter mixed in.”

- Sandy Brauhn

2. Tea Time for Two (or More)

After a long day of chores or deadlines, what better way to sIow down and savor time with the special women in your life but to enjoy the soothing ritual of tea-making and tea-drinking.

It doesn't matter whether you prefer afternoon tea (mid-afternoon) or high tea (early evening). It's always tea time somewhere. ;)

Instead, below are the things you need to focus on to make your tea party the talk of the house.

The smorgasbord of tea options can be overwhelming. You can start with herbal teas with calming properties to complete your R & R with your family. Mint, chamomile, lavender, rose, are all soothing options. And there's a growing body of science behind matcha's claim to calming fame.

Another simple way to narrow down your choices is by color, which represents the caffeine concentration and flavor profile.

You can have green tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, and even purple tea! (Sure, you can also match your tea with your dip nail color.)

Once you have the tea type locked down—Or just serve all of 'em? Why not!—next up is the tea party tableware: teapots, cups and saucers, brewing accessories, cream and sugar set. And don't forget other tea essentials, from scones to stylish hats.

3. Baking With the Fam

Time to bust out the secret family recipes and be a better baker!

(Side note: If it's been a while since you took your recipes out of their hiding place, it's probably high time to reorganize them in pretty recipe boxes that also serves as a delightful addition to your kitchen decorations.)

Baking childhood favorites while swapping funny family anecdotes sure is a treat. And if there's a special story behind a recipe, it's another chance to learn more about your family history.

Other baking basics:

  • If Little Chefs are in this mommy-and-me baking session, you can choose any of these kid-friendly recipes.
  • Make baking more stylish with matching classic aprons that you can also pair with your classic dip powder color.

4. Scrapbooking Soiree

Block off at least 3 hours off your schedule to take a trip down nostalgia lane and preserve your family memories for posterity. You can also give the finished product as a gift!

The beauty of scrapbooking is that there's no one right way to do it. You're only required to do two things: stretch your imagination and flex your creativity.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a cute scrapbook by documenting your baby's many firsts. Perfect for new moms!
  • Organize your vacation pics and souvenirs, such as maps or travel tickets.
  • Design a movie-themed scrapbook by cataloguing the movie stubs you collected.
  • Print out the text messages or social media comments you received during a special occasion.

Head over The Realistic Mama's website for other scrapbook suggestions.

Btw, you can also serve tea (see #2) or food (see #3) to ensure everybody's nourished while scrapbooking. Just be mindful not to spill anything on what you're working on. 

5. Girls' Night In

No indoor dining or drinking, no problem.

Dust off your deck of cards or favorite board games and dabble in a little friendly competition at home.

If stream-and-chill is more your speed, we recommend the movie Game Night starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. 

Actually, everything we've listed so far can be a fun girls' night in theme: momicure, tea time, scrapbooking, and baking.

Want more action?

Join Girls' Night In for recommendations on how to unwind and other self-care stuff.

And if you're thinking of giving away the perfect Galentine's gift to end the night, the Build Your Own Bundle Dip Nail Kit is absolutely shop-worthy.

Need more quality time DIY ideas?

Hang out at DipWell's Dipper Club and feel free to ask for more suggestions for your next momicure or DIY dip party. Then share your snapshots with us on Instagram via @dipwellnails or our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell.