Dip Into The Holidays With Christmas Nails

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Oh, what fun it is to ride high in the last month of the year with festive holiday nails! And we're putting radiant red front and center on your holiday dip nail inspiration. From candy canes to Christmas elves, we've rounded up our top picks for your next in-person or in-Zoom holiday party.

1. Dreaming-of-a-white-Christmas dip nails

Holidays will surely be merry and bright with a sweet-looking candy cane and a glistening Christmas tree on your nails. Recreate this magical scenery with dip powder colors CL51, GL33, and French White. Use a nail tape to design the candy lines and the minimalist tree. Then finish the Christmas look with an itty-bitty golden star. Watch the full tutorial here and gift yourself a dip mani session.

2. Merry Multi-finish dip powder nails

Can't decide which texture or finish to go for on your next dip manicure? Then this multi-finish, monochrome look is just the perfect solution for you. It's a merry mix of opaque red, glittery red, matte red, and glossy red. Did we say red? We meant Shiraz red—the shade you can achieve with dip nail color CL56.

Pro Dip Tip: To get a matte finish, skip the sealer! Learn how to apply matte nails here.

3. Cozy Christmas dip mani

For next-level holiday nails, experiment with a 3D dip nail art like on the index finger above. It's appropriate for sweater weather and easy to nail with dip powder colors NA27 and NA19. Simply use a nail art brush to create the texture of the 3D sweater—the dots, the lines, and the curves. Watch the full tutorial here and embrace the coziness and comfort of holiday hygge nails.

4. Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer dip manicure

This dip nail design is nothing to sneeze at. And if Santa ever saw it, he would even say it glows. It features dip nail colors NA23 from the Naturale collection and GL12, GL31 from the Glitter collection. With dip nails so bright, you'll sleigh the holiday any night. That's why these acrylic Christmas nails will go down in history as one of our favorites.

We have more ideas for holiday nails!

Thanks to the DipWell community, now you have more Christmas nails designs to choose from. Special shout-out to the Fab Six—Laura Taylor, Jackie Condon, Katherine Fernandez, Connie Kimber, Ellen Blasing, and Toni Whitesides—for their holiday nailfies!

"Love this non-traditional festive mani."

- Laura Taylor

"Deck the halls with CL 61"

- Latrice Baker

"Santa approved nails with colors C26 and G44!!"

- Jackie Condon

"Nothing like a comfy sweater, coffee, and a great manicure."

- Katherine Fernandez

"Love this sparkly red and white holiday mani! GL08 and GL44."

- Connie Kimber

"CL60 for the perfect Thanksgiving nails! Bonus points for matching the tablecloth."

- Ellen Blasing

Last but certainly not least... The Elf Mani!

Would you look at these knockout nails of our Dipper Club member, Toni Whitesides? By golly, it's jolly!

"Took me almost 4hrs, that included removing the previous set. But I'm very happy with how they came out. It's only my 4th time dipping," Toni said.

Well, we say, those were some hours well spent. Because we're in love with the stunning result!

Toni's Pro Dip Tip: "I dipped the red part and then used an eyeshadow brush to put the green on."

If you want to recreate this look, elf your nails using dip powder colors GL37 and GL24.

Aaand if you need more Christmas nails ideas, here are a few options for your best holiday red.


Neon Collection, Dip Color Powder, NE21


Classic Collection, Dip Color Powder, CL43


Classic Collection, Dip Color Powder, CL37


Classic Collection, Dip Color Powder, CL6

You've got the ideas for Christmas nails, you've got the dip nail colors, and you've seen some Christmas nails tutorials. You're all set! Ready to spread holiday cheer onto your nails? Don't forget to share your pictures with us over at DipWell's Dipper Club or tag us on Instagram @dipwellnails and use our official hashtag #DoYouDipWell. We'd love to see what you come up with your chosen holiday nail colors!