New Trend Alert: Spring Multi-Color Nail Art

3 min read

Multicolor nails are all the rage this Spring, and we’re loving this trend. The best part? You can create a million different looks with acrylic dip powders.

Whether you’re going all out with rainbow nails, or opting for a more subtle array, you can easily create your own signature style.

If you’re feeling a bit lost in the options, here’s our take on Springtime multicolor nails - perfect for your Easter outfit this year.

We’ve curated a set of shades that go perfectly together, inspired by Spring pastels. But these aren’t the pastels of your childhood … when arranged together, these shades look lit, not lame. It’s like your Lucky Charms cereal has grown up into sophisticated manicure.

Here are the shades we used to create this look, as shown from left to right:

French white, NA-15, PA-17, PA-10, PA-20, PA-16, PA-19







Our model Sasha opted for almond shaped tips. For a more casual look, feel free to give them a shorter oval or rounded trim, or go all out for spring glamour with ballerina tips.

Total time to create this look: Under 45 minutes!

DipWell’s acrylic dip system makes it super-duper easy to create multicolor looks. Just use one of our kits, and supplement by adding in fun color powders. Before starting, prep your space by lining up all the powders in order left-right. Then follow our easy-breezy instruction guide. Once the sealer coat is on, you only have to wait 3 - 5 minutes before your mani is 100% dry and ready to go. You’ll have an acrylic dip powder mani that lasts up to 4 weeks sans chipping. Perfect for getting you through Spring soirees, graduation parties and Easter brunches with style.

If pastels aren’t really your speed, we’ve got a few other curated palettes for your multicolor dip nails here:

Spring Confetti

Why wait for April showers to bring May flowers when you can add a rainbow pop of color right now!

Brighten things up with a more energetic version of spring colors with shades like NE1, NE2, CL25, CL46, CL66:






Shades of Living Coral

Here’s a term that’s full-on art school: “analogous palette” doesn’t sound super exciting, but looks super snatched. It basically means choosing colors that are all next to each other on the color wheel.

For a version that brightens your look and is so 2019 choose colors like DipWell’s CL03, CL36, CL57, and NE14. Want a pop of sparkle? Add in glitter shade GL01.






Neutral Ombre

Work in a professional office, or prefer to keep your nails in the nude range? Then create an ombre look using our neutrals.

For a cool gray ombre palette, check out DipWell shades CL19, CL27, CL61, and NA24. Add dimension by adding in one glitter shade, like GL45.






For a warmer taupe palette, choose shades like DipWell CL28, NA18, NA17, NA05, and NA26.






Whatever your preferred color scheme, multicolored manis are the perfect way to integrate more personality in one set of nails.

Bonus points: with your DipWell mulitcolor mani shades, you’re building up your collection of powders that you can work with in the months to come. Instead of spending a whole afternoon (and lots of dollars) every time you want a color change, you’ll be whipping up new color combos for free, all at your kitchen table. That’s the beauty of DipWell!!

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Written by Anna Bradshaw