How To Use Glitter Dip Powder

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Not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes it's a sparkly dip powder that adds oomph to your mani.

With glitter dip powder, the pretty possibilities are endless.

That's just for starters.

There are more ways to incorporate glitter into your dip mani. And we'll show you how, using the bestselling dip colors from DipWell's glitter dip powder collection.

1. GL46, Rose Gold Glitter Dip Powder

ICYMI: We just launched this gorgeous color on Valentine's Day, and based on the excited comments at the Dipper Club, this sparkling rosy shade is bound to be a dipper's favorite.

Like our other glitter powders, GL46 looks good on its own or by pairing it with its perfect match.

Our Recommended Rose Gold Glitter Powder Color Combo: PA14 (ultra-light pink), NA08 (rosy red), CL37 (wine red)

2. GL44, Ultra-sparkly White & Silver Glitter Dip Powder

This is a must-have for all glitter lovers. If you like glitter, add GL44 to any color to make your mani sparkle. It also makes for a nice accent nail. 

Our Dipper Club members are obsessed! Chloe Carlin mixed GL44 with CL48 (deep shadow gray) and they marveled at how gorgeous they looked together. 

Photo by Chloe Carlin

Our Recommended White & Silver Glitter Powder Color Combo: NA21 (perfect nude), NA27 (cool gray), PA05 (translucent blue)

3. GL27, Iridescent Glitter Dip Powder

Glitter is always a good idea, and you can never go wrong with adding GL27 to your dip powder collection for that gorgeous multi-color glow. 

This is how our dippers combine this glitter powder with other dip shades.

Photo by Jennifer Parker: GL27 with PA09

Photo by Cassandra Craven (@stitchlikeamother): GL27 with NA02, CL4, & NE16

Photo by Susannah Will (@susannah__l): GL27 with NA16, NA24, CL61, & CL44

Photo by Whitney Earl: GL27 with CL47

Our Recommended White & Silver Glitter Powder Color Combo: GW01 (neon yellow & green, glow in the dark), GW05 (white & green, glow in the dark), CL12 (black with blue & green fine-grain glitter)

4. GL45, Ultra-modern Silver Glitter Dip Powder

The verdict is in: GL45 is the best silver sparkle ever! The worst thing about it? It's the waiting time in between dips when you just want to try more color combos with this shimmery shade. 

Here are some nailspo for when it’s time for a new dip mani.

Photo by Cheril Petroni—for glitter: GL45, GL01, & CL70; for solid: PA20, PA05, & CL70

Photo by Julie Adelmund: GL45 with CL65

Photo by Diane Sywassink Nichols: GL45 with NA20

Photo by Penny Preston: GL45 with NA24 & NE16

Our Recommended Silver Glitter Powder Color Combo: NE16 (highlighter yellow), NA01 (soft white), French White

5. GL12, Metallic Gold Glitter Dip Powder

To cap off our most popular glitter powder list, let's go for gold! Feel like a goddess with GL12's golden glow—a nice sparkly match to your glamorous self.

Best used for special days or holidays, from Mardi Gras to Christmas.

Photo by Katie Law: GL12 with CL9

Photo by Baylee Keplinger: GL12 with GL33 & CL42

Photo by Erin Marie: GL12 with CL14

Photo by Ashley Church: GL12 with PA09

Our Recommended Metallic Gold Glitter Powder Color Combo: NA02 (light peach), CL40 (deep purple), PA09 (translucent pink)

Some helpful notes on how to add glitter to dip powder nails

Make sure your dip layers are fully dry

Give the Step 2: Base Dip Liquid and the glitter powder a little more time to set a little longer between layers. Otherwise, they might smear a bit when you go dust them off.

Add a thin layer of the Base & Finish Powder before applying glitter powders

Pieces of glitter tend to stick everywhere and can be quite challenging to remove. But if you have a layer of B&F at the bottom, it makes it less messy and less likely for the glitter to stick all over your nail bed.

Set the glitter nice and flat onto your nails

When working with chunky glitter, some people choose to place their finger upside down (like when you do marble manis), so that the glitter sticks to the nail flat. You can still dip into chunky glitter or sprinkle 'em on your mani, but we recommend you gently press down glitter flat onto the nail with a Jelly Pusher or orangewood stick. 

Apply the Step 3: Activator Dip Liquid liberally

Sometimes it takes a bit for the Activator to penetrate through the glitter and down to the acrylic powders. That's why when you're applying your first coat before filing & buffing your nails, we recommend swiping on a generous amount of this dip nail liquid.

Don't skip the Base & Finish Powder as the finishing touch

Some people choose to not use Base & Finish Powder as their last layer of dip. When it comes to glitter powders though, you should definitely use B&F to encapsulate the glitter and prevent them from being damaged when filing/buffing your nails.

Try our glitter powder bestsellers today

Let us know how mixing them with your favorite dip colors turns out. Or better yet, show us via our official Instagram hashtag #DoYouDipWell.